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You'll go away your own way (BG)
When I stood up on the crossroads,
I noticed that there there's no place.
And I stood and waited,
When they'll put out the light.
And someone, in looks of those geese,
What once saved Rome,
Told me: Wait when she will go away her way,
And then you'll go your own.
She turned around, she said:
Listen, you're dead long ago,
Why are you here?
He laughed and sat down
On the train that leaves in one hour-six.
And then she had forgotten yesterday's day,
To clearer to see the essence,
But I stood and watched like is burning star of
The one who went away into his way.
And there are different faces in the form of doors
And there is yours that in the form of wall,
And there are my hands, that are waiting swans
Who did not return from the place of the war.
And you keep asserting that there is no on my way
Fire, and is only one smoke there.
Well what do; let's discuss
The merits of our ways,
When both of we will go away one's own.

I all the same was above of your heavens
And I was below of your depths,
But all whom I loved,
Are dressed in death or in mitrile,
And it means that I'm here one.
You look not bad, but all the time you are following me,
Giving birth a passion relax from you.
I'm not at all an ascetic, but I want to ask:
Is it not time to you be in your way?
And do you want, believe or don't believe,
When you will close the door,
I will not remember even the face.
I will be devilishly glad,
When you will return backwards,
But it's somewhere closer to the threshold of the end.
Well, and now while I have I,
Believe me, I want to be with him,
And I will be happy,
When you will go away your way,
And you will let me to go my.

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