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To call forth the fire on itself (BG)
Let's not to play in words
For this we're long ago masters
Not in vain we were putting all on the pen
In counterweight of the axe
Some reiterate about skill to live
Others nod: Destiny!
But someone kept silent
And someone called forth the fire on itself
My ability to survive
Is worthy of application in a worldly war,
But what to do me with a woman who
Comes in the night to me.
She burns like a star
She looks at me like a judge
And need to decide
What to do with the fire on itself
At first life is light and easy,
And in a choice there is no sense;
But those who have played for sure,
Later sobbed in trace after her.
And time goes, and if not you,
Other will give her a hand.
And deadly want to live, you know,
How bright is fire.
And by doubts in your eyes I know –
Your home is not unknown to her
And I want sing in order to all danced
But for some purpose I sing about other

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